Practice Packs

When I first started photography, it was extremely hard to get new images to practice new techniques on. But even later into my career I found myself struggling, sometimes because I didn't have the gear and other times because I didn't have the models for the types of images I wanted to practice on. Now that I'm in a lucky position I want to give back. Below you'll find practice files- 100% free raw files of mine that I share with YOU so you can practice your editing skills. Most of the images will be self-portraits of me, my clients, or other 'everyday' people so you'll be getting experience working on skin, makeup, hair, and poses that often aren't "HMUA perfect" to help raise your skill level.

By using these images, you agree to link back to my website or other social media platforms when sharing them.

These images are free because I believe practice and learning should be accessible! If you'd like to leave me a small thank you, use the button just below, which will bring you to my ko-fi page.


This is a pack of 16 high resolution, Adobe RGB (16bit) raw files already set to .psd file format ready for you to open in Photoshop. Shot with the Canon r5 and 24-70mm lens.

More coming soon!