The Underwater Housing Fund: A Mermaid Fundraiser


I have been blessed to be part of the most amazing community I've found in my lifetime thus far. When I started photographing someone 'dressed as a mermaid' I thought "Wow this will be awesome!". I didn't know how right I was. Throughout the following year I made wonderful friends, photographed countless other stunning mermaids like yourselves, and and my photography has grown for it. I'd like to say that the only place to go from here is up- but it's actually down!

I want to photograph you underwater- but I cannot do that without an underwater housing for my camera and respective lens compartments for my lenses. So here is my proposal:

A crowdfunded, community driven project. The total cost for the underwater housing and respective lens compartment pieces is just a hair under $3,000 from Ikelite.

So- if you donate $250 or more, you'll get one free slot at every mermaid mini-session for the following four mini-sessions after the housing is purchased. (One slot usually being $150 and coming with 3 images, this gives you a total of 12 fantasy images. Mini-sessions are usually scheduled once every three months for a total of four per year).

If you donate $500 or more you'll get one free slot at every mermaid mini-session for the following EIGHT mini-sessions. That's a total of 24 fantasy images in the end.

If you donate $1,000, you'll get the eight slots and 24 fantasy images PLUS a one-on-one Diamond session (a 14 image, 90 minute session normally worth $950 on it's own). As usual, all images you receive you are free to make prints of to sell to fans and use for advertisement in your mermaiding journeys and businesses.

In addition, all images created with this underwater housing will be credited with your name as an investor/supporter.

I am offering this to benefit everyone who has helped me get to where I'm at, and to thank you generously for your contribution to my kit and art. So if you are interested in being part of this, the link for the donation page is below. All payments are processed through Stripe, but you can also donate directly using venmo, cashapp, or Apple Pay (which are preferred since they don't take as many- if any- fees from the payments. I can still provide you with a receipt if you pay this way).

Cashapp: $fableavalon / Venmo: @fableavalon / Apple Pay: 713-703-2183

Otherwise, use the link below to be taken to the Fundrazr donation page i have created. And thank you so much for your kind heart.