Fantasy & Portrait Photographer


I started my journey with photography when I was a child, using a camera on family vacations and around the house since I was 8 years old. I captured some of the most amazing, memorable sights throughout those early years. I spent just as much time behind the camera as I did with a traditional artists pencil and brush, though, and found that even when I edited photos I did so in a painterly style without ever being taught by someone else. It was both a means of emotional escape and expression, even as young as I was. Back then, I had no idea how that simple joy I found in childhood would shape the rest of my life. My highschool and college years refined my technical skills, even earning a Boston Silver Key for my work, and always stayed true to my style no matter how many boxes the educational system tried to shove me into.

After graduating from Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2014, I have been improving, growing and building relationships with clients who share my values, passion, and style. My goal as a photographer is to inspire confidence and produce art gallery worth images of people from all walks of life. I use techniques I learned in painting classes paired with photo manipulation and my own inspiration to create my work, and to this day never forget my traditional routes. Photography has been and will always be a method of artistic expression to me before all else.