Portrait Retouching

Basic Retouching


per photo


Light Skin Face Correction (Up to 3 People)

Red Eye Effect Removal

Blemish Removal

Scar, Pimple, Acne

Face Skin Smoothening

Color Correction

Image Cropping

Not Included:

Headshots Editing

Studio Photos Editing

Body Retouching

Fantasy or Cosplay Editing

Touch Up of the Background

Sky replacements

Newborn Photo Editing

Enhanced Retouching


per photo


Includes Everything in Basic Retouching

Up to 5 people per photo

Teeth Whitening

Gender Affirming Retouching

Weight Reduction or Adding

Background Enhancement

Removing Stray Hairs

Slight Stretching Solid Сolor Background

Face Wrinkles Removal

Removing Small Objects

Clipping Path simple objects on the transparent / solid black or white background (No Retouching)

Background Retouching

Following Client's Style

Sky Replacements

Pro Retouching


per photo


Includes Everything in Beauty Retouching

Merge Photos

Remove /Restore Elements

Fixing Color Fringing / Chromatic Aberration

Eyeglass Glare Removal

Photography Elements, Clothes and Accessories Colors Changing

Head / Eyes / Body Parts Swapping

Wrinkles / Creases of Clothes Smoothing

Background Replacement for a Couple of Objects

Masking Images

Clipping Path for a Complex Objects

Fantasy & PhotoManipulation

Starts at $25 per photo


Includes Everything in Pro Retouching

Braces Removal

Fantasy and/or Cosplay Effects

Pro Retouching up to 10 people

Clipping Path for a Complex Objects

Scene Replacements

Follows Desired Style of Client


Add or Remove People